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Where Should I Live in Cape Coral?

If you have decided a move to Florida is in your future and Cape Coral is at the top of your list, keep reading because I am going to tell you what part of Cape Coral would be best for you.

Hey everyone, I'm Sherry Puchacz with REMAX Realty Team here in Cape Coral Florida. If you are new here, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel because I make videos and talk about a lot of really cool stuff related to Cape Coral and if you're gonna be living here, I'm sure you want to know about it. I love the fact that so many people are interested in moving to my slice of Paradise. 

Lets get started….so you have decided to move to Cape Coral and you are not sure which part of the Cape might be best for you….so some general info about the Cape…. 

Cape Coral is the fifth largest city in Florida, geographically, at 102 square miles, and just a little smaller than Tampa. .   

A standard home site is 80’ X 125’ or approximately ¼ of an acre

Assessments refer to the City of Cape Coral bringing central water and sewer to neighborhoods….the cost for that is approximately $20,000 and can be paid over 20 years in your property tax bill.

Homes on the Gulf Access canals are described as Direct Access(No Bridges to go under) VS Indirect Access(Bridges to go under)...or Freshwater Canals.

SE Cape

  •  This area was the first to be developed in the late 1950’s.
  • Homes were designed for Northern retirees; most have 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and one car garages.
  •   Many of the home sites are sailboat access. All lots North of Cape Coral Pkwy and East of Del Prado Blvd are direct (no bridges) access.
  • The Cape Coral Yacht and Racquet Club, Beach and Fishing Pier are popular SE attractions.
  •  In the SE Cape many of the original homes, have been replaced with Mc Mansions
  • This and the fact that the utilities are in and paid demand some of the areas highest real estate values.
  •  Also located in the SE is the original downtown with many small businesses and restaurants.
  •  The Cape Coral Bridge and the Midpoint Bridge provide access to Ft Myers from the SE Cape.
  • On Del Prado Blvd there are shopping centers, the Cape Coral hospital, and the Four Mile Cove Eco Park. Cape Coral City Hall is located in the SE Cape also.

SW Cape

  •  Southwest Cape Coral is the home of the marinas in Cape Harbour and Tarpon Point (AKA the Rose Garden area) and is one of the most exclusive residential areas.
  •  The South Spreader Canal (spreads water from the canals through the mangroves) and is bordered by a beautiful preserve full of wildlife and native vegetation. This canal runs down the west side of the SW Cape and ends at the Chiquita Lock. Any homes located on Gulf access canals that are west of Chiquita Blvd will have to take their boats through the Chiquita Lock.
  •  The Palmetto Pines Golf Course is located in the SW Cape and Royal Tee Golf Course is in the gated community of Cape Royal.
  •  Sun Splash Family Water Park is located near Lake Kennedy which is one of the six lakes in the Chain 'O Lakes (30+ miles) that join the SW and SE Quadrents.
  •   Most of SW Cape Coral has the City utilities in place; however some homes may carry a balance.

NE Cape

  • The NE Cape is a developing quadrant of Cape Coral and has many miles of Freshwater canals and lakes for boating and fishing fun.
  •  The North Cape Industrial Park is located in the NE Cape.
  • New construction is going on everywhere and there are many gated communities such as Coral Lakes, Bella Vida and Entrada. The gated communities are on City water and sewer, however, single family homes are on well and septic.
  •  Lots of shopping and restaurants are available on the Pine Island Road Corridor.

 NW Cape

  • Closest access to the Inner Coastal Waterway is through Matlacha Pass and into Pine Island Sound.
  •  You will find newer homes on well and septic in this area. If you appreciate more open spaces you will like this still developing area.
  • Take a day trip to Matlacha for lunch at the Blue Dog or the Michelies. Browse the small artist boutiques of this little “Key West” village.
  •  Back in NW Cape Coral you will find shopping  very convenient. Pine Island Road Corridor is expanding for example Aldi’s, Tractor Supply and more Storage Units.
  • The North Spreader Canal runs down the west side of the NW Cape. Gulf Access canals are west of Burnt Store Road and freshwater canals are to the east. The 7 Islands (when developed in the future) should be an awesome destination in the NW quadrant. Coral Oaks Golf Course is also located in the NW Cape.

So if you are looking for more of a downtown feel the SE Cape is where you want to be…if marinas and exclusive residential area are on your list, let’s look in the SW Cape. Newer construction and freshwater canals and lower price points I would point you to the NE Cape. And of course the NW Cape, my favorite, has new construction and lots of Gulf Access canals, most homes are on well and septic and a more open feel…

Are you thinking of moving to Cape Coral? If you are, give me a call or shoot me an email, my information is down below…I would love to chat with you about where you think you may want to live in Cape Coral and what the market is like here….I can set you up on a search for properties in your price range so you can get an idea of what is available.  You just let me know if there's anything that I can assist you with. Thank you so much for reading my blog ...I’m Sunshine Sherry...and I am always here to help!